Hosted Status Page for Incident Communication

Affordable & Stylish Hosted Status Page for your

Affordable & Stylish Hosted Status Page for your Business

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Communicate with your audience when your services are having outage

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* Signup in 30 seconds & No credit card required!

Status Page Chart
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Show your service up-time to your customers for maintaining trust

Availability is very important for decision makers. Therefore, show your service uptime history to your potential customers. Thus, convince them how you monitor/respond incidents.

No more duplicate tickets and cumbersome email list through hosted status page

Stop the flood of requests during service downtime and inform your all audience from single point. While you can focus on incident, let us notify them via various channels like:

Status Page Notifications
Incident List

Instantly inform & notify your subscribers via your status page

Notify subscribers when incident happens. Communicate with them when your services are having an outage. Incidents happen, what matters is being open to all your audience and notify them.

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The quick overview of “StatusEntry” below for you to learn more about the product.

Why StatusEntry?

Whether you offer your own customers B2B or B2C products and it doesn’t matter whether you have 1 million end users or 100 corporate customers. Even if you use the best technologies for your own product or even if you have very good developers and very good design teams, sometimes your services may not work, sometimes you may experience problems that you could not foresee. In such times, companies have to manage this troubled process very well. While the think-tank develops to find and solve the problem, you also have to consider customer satisfaction while answering countless calls and tickets. 

StatusEntry is with you to manage this difficult process magnificently. Thanks to our stylish and simple interface incident communication tool, we transparently and instantly inform your users about your latest situation. We provide effective communication by sharing your current status with both your in-house employees and your audience through both hosted status page and our various integrated channels. Thus, by stopping the flood of requests, no more duplicate tickets and cumbersome email lists.

Maintaining incident service management with different components such as customized development teams, sensitive customer relationships and sophisticated internal communication network may turn into a really difficult and cumbersome job for companies.

The productive and effective management of such a stressful and complex centralized service can only be achieved with a result-oriented tool that can offer ease of use and appeal to audiences from all walks of life.

With this awareness, companies that grow with StatusEntry can provide a great advantage against their competitors in their markets by both adding value and prestige to their brands and reducing the budget they allocate for incident management.

We believe there are 2 main reasons for this. First: StatusEntry offers to notify them at affordable prices via plain, stylish and functional niche incident communication tools. The second one is: Our focus in our relations with our customers is always based on customer satisfaction. The improvements we make in line with the special demands of our customers and the flexible plans we offer them and easy-to-reach support and maintenance service play a major role in making us different and preferred in the market.

Let’s talk about the outstanding features: 

– Schedule maintenance for your future plans; When the time comes, let you focus on your work, and we remind all your subscribers and employees again. 

– Don’t you need some of your incident and maintenance notifications to be heard by your audience? Okay, so let’s just send it to your integration channels and keep the incident/maintenance details between you and your employees! 

– In addition to choosing your incident or maintenance as internal, you can also choose your services as internal.

We are currently developing the following features, coming soon! 

– Well, what if we say that you can stay in one-on-one communication with your specific customers, thanks to the private status page? 

For more detailed information, you can visit the Features page.

Companies of all sizes that value their customers contact us for our product. These companies know that they need to be in constant contact with their customers by managing the incident management process transparently. Therefore, they share information with their customers, such as whether the problem has been solved or whether there is an improvement on the latest situation of an incident that is expected to be solved in the near future. Because only in this way, a company is aware of being able to show respect and care for its customers.

With our companies we work together and offer solutions, we are aware that sales start after payment, not before.

# Niche, simple and stylish product that can be easily used by employees from any domain.

# The product that does not contain many independent workflows, is not complicated and does not require professional training.  

# The product that does not bring too much financial burden and includes a flexible pricing plan. 

# An understanding that can respond quickly to their special needs.

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StatusEntry believes and advocates the freedom of all audiences as a digital product user to receive information without any trouble and transparently in today’s technological age in any incident situations. In this direction, it desires to be companions with all sized companies and to grow together.

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Do you have other questions or needs? You can contact us by sending e-mails to [email protected]

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